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January 14 2013


Can I Put Air in a Nitrogen Filled Tire?

So you have the absolutely cool nitogen gas filled tires.  The ultimate in racing performance.  Stable pressures at any temperature... just like the racing cars... this was intimated to me by a friend who races F3 cars for a living running at more than 250 km / hour.

Anyway, your SUV has nitrogen filled tires, you notice you are running soft in one tire, but there are no nitrogen air filling stations nearby, but your local gas station has a digital air filling gadget. 

My advice is... fill her up with additional regular air.  So the air on earth is around 78% nitrogen anyway.  The rest of the gasses expand and the humidity in the air may be a factor in performance settings, but you will receive better performance when your tire is at the right pressure... right now.

Let's just say you are supposed to run on 40 psi, but your current inflation pressure is a mere 20 psi.  It is best to inflate your tire now with additional regular atmospheric air back to 40 psi.  When you get to a nitrogen filling station, you release all the air in that tire and pay for 40 psi of new pure nitrogen.

So the short answer is YES!

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